Classically trained in Japan and at prestigious Guildhall School of Music in London, Hidè epitomises the tradition, compounding classical literacy and the finger-style artistry.  

Hidè’s ‘magic fingers’ blends Indian, Spanish, Celtic, Japanese, blues, pop, rock, heavy metal on his guitar. 

Hidè’s music were featured on Japanese TV program as well as numerous radio in the UK including Monocle Radio with his work with Rié, Japanese singer-songwriter. 

As a composer, Hidè wrote many music including American calligrapher Thomas Ingmire’s project as well as ‘My Gentle Roses’ for Duo Ueda, which was published on Gendai Guitar magazine in January 2020.

Hidè’s guitar technique can be traced back via Keigo Fujii, José Luis Gonzaléz, Andrés Segovia, Miguel Llobet to the great Francisco Tárrega. 

I used to be a good classical guitar player,” he explains. “But I’m really interested in blending any styles like blues, jazz, rock, heavy metal with all kinds of music into the music of classical guitar.

“Now I am lucky enough to be a working musician, doing what I always wanted to do since I was 15,” he says with a smile.

They don’t call him magic fingers without reason. Do not miss this twisted-rock, flamenco exhibition of virtuoso string-play from one of the most charming performer

Camden Live

…so very beautiful. You made me cry.”

CamSiân James on Welsh folk song arrangements

He ought to be headlining the Royal Festival Hall or playing a classical set at The Proms… My jaw was on the floor that he isn’t an huge act and was just the opener, as he was possibly the most talented guitarist I’ve heard live in about 20 years.

Simon Phillips,

Beautiful. The melody sounds great.

David Russell, on ‘Dear Mum,’